Myofascial Release Massage

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Myofascial release massage treatment is an excellent massage if you feel general or localized stiffness, reduction in range of motion in a joint, tightness and ache in your neck, back, shoulders, legs, arms. Myofascial release massage is of great benefit to those with sedentary occupations. Another group of people who benefits greatly from myofascial release massage are "weekend" or "seasonal" athletes, who tend not follow proper warm up, cool down, and stretch routines after their sport sessions and suffer minor sports injuries as a result or professional athletes with chronicity of injuries.

Myofascial release massage is advanced soft tissue technique. It is also very firm and not recommended as the first treatment to have. The aftereffects may be felt the next day or the day after as muscle tenderness. The firm pressure is less focused then in deep tissue massage. It is applied with forearm mainly and whole palm of the hand. Myofascial release massage is very helpful in chronic conditions where fibrosis of tissue has 'settled in' and is limiting the range of movement.

Myofascial release massage consist of "skin rolling" to break up superficial long-standing fascial adhesions, and other techniques to address deeper fascial layers. This may also cause 'burning' sensations when loosening such adhesions. The "breaking up" of the adhesions process during myofascial release massage is literal and therefore uncomfortable, however it is highly beneficial. For long term effect massage has to be repeated, so a course of myofasial release massages is highly recommended.

Trigger points therapy is also a part of myofascial release massage treatment.

If you suffer from chronicity or recurring minor injuries, stiffness and reduced movement in joints, book yourself for a myofascial release massage in Cardiff today!

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