Lymph drainage massage (Female clients only)

AnnaG massage therapy in Cardiff

Lymph drainage massage in Cardiff is great treatment when you have a feeling of "heavy" tired legs and swelling in the ankles. Lymph drainage reduces puffiness caused by water-retention. It also encourages body's detox and it is perfect for cleansing your body from toxins.

During Lymph drainage massage very slow, light and gentle strokes, directed according to the flow of the lymph in your body, are applied to stimulate this flow. By applying gentle pressure over the lymph nodes first, these are "emptied", cleansed and stimulated to work more efficiently. 

Lymph drainage massage treatment is performed without oils.

Lymphatic drainage is indicated when your body holds excess fluids. This massage is also great if you have been over-indulging on unhealthy foods or alcohol. Release of toxins is stimulated therefore lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent choice when you are starting a detox or an exercise program to loose weight.

Body lymph drainage massage has to be done with very slow movements, hence it can not be speeded up and lymph drainage  on legs only takes one hour. This is because lymphatic system does not have a pump unlike cardiovascular system. Lymph  circulates around the body much slower, comparing to blood (heart beats around 70x per minute). Full body lymph drainage massage lasts two hours. Please bear this in mind when booking your treatment.

"Self" lymph drainage massage is sport and walking - since lymphatic system doesn't have central pump, the lymph flow is being encouraged by muscles which act like a pump on the lymph during exercise. Regular light exercise is the best. As is regular drinking regime - at least 2l of water per day.

Face lymph drainage massage in Cardiff is an hour long treatment on neck and face using feather-light strokes. This massage is a treatment of choice for younger, healthier looking skin. It also helps to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Face lymph drainage massage is fantastic complement in combination with facial exercises for natural face-lift.

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