Japanese Shiatsu massage

AnnaG massage therapy in Cardiff

Japanese shiatsu massage in Cardiff centre re-balances and harmonizes energy flowing naturally through your body. It moves stagnant energy and restores its natural flow.

Japanese shiatsu massage treatment is traditionally done on the futon or layers of blankets on the ground. During Shiatsu massage you remain dressed in loose comfortable clothing made of natural materials (preferably). The massage is done without oils by varying pressure along energy channels called meridians.

Each meridian has its connection to certain organ in the body and all these energy pathways (meridians) are interconnected together forming one cycle of energy flow. Where one meridian ends, another one begins. Energy blockage in one meridian therefore affects all others. In Shiatsu massage these pathways are 'cleared' and 'unblocked' in the energy flow direction and gentle passive stretches are applied to further melt these blockages. Shiatsu massage is very soothing and harmonizing. You will feel lighter, calm and energized.

Japanese shiatsu massage in Cardiff is ideally suited also to clients who don't feel comfortable undressing into their underwear as for other massage treatments. Shiatsu is a unique massage, which I wholeheartedly recommend to try at least once or to give as a perfect gift.

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