Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage (Female clients only!)

AnnaG massage therapy in Cardiff

There's nothing more soothing than Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, when you are searching for harmony and balance in your life. This deeply relaxing and calming massage treatment is a must.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a healing art, inherited from Hawaiian monks Kahuna through generations as sacred gift. Lomi Lomi is meditating, transforming and re-balancing at all levels. This massage brings about immense peace and harmony. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage promotes self-acceptance and strengthens self-esteem.

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi is unique, and also visually beautiful massage. Lomi Lomi massage is poetry in motion, reminding of flowing traditional dance during shamanic rituals. Massage therapist uses palms of hands and forearms to create rhythmic long and deeply connected strokes, which feel like waves of the ocean.

This massage also clears energy pathways and allows letting go of psychological and emotional blockages. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage deepens our connection with ourselves, the nature and others. Definitely worth a try!

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