Foot reflexology massage

AnnaG massage therapy in Cardiff

Foot reflexology massage is a specialized massage treatment on the soles of the feet. Reflexology massage stimulates functioning of internal organs and locomotor system. Your feet will feel like new after this massage.

This massage treatment is diagnostic as well as healing in nature.

Moderately firm pressure is applied on map of points on your feet during foot reflexology. Each point or area on the sole of the foot is connected to certain organ in the body. By stimulating certain point, the corresponding organ itself is "awakened". The most grounding part of your body - the soles of your feet feel enlivened after foot reflexology massage also because the skin of the soles contains many more nerve endings comparing to other areas of skin.

Foot reflexology massage creates unparalleled sensation of lightness in your feet and wholly new feeling of connection with the ground through your soles.

During pregnancy foot reflexology massage can be applied after first trimester and it has to be adjusted to this fact. During pregnancy foot reflexology is done basically in the same way, but with a difference that certain points MUST be omitted in the treatment, until the due date, when these can be stimulated as well to help stimulate delivery.

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