Deep tissue massage

AnnaG massage therapy in Cardiff

Deep tissue massage in Cardiff centre really "gets to the point"! Not for faint-hearted. It benefits those with more chronic muscle tightness, where work on the deeper layers is desirable.

Deep tissue massage is a very thorough and very firm massage, focused on specific problem, rather than very general. Deep tissue massage treatment as the name suggests is very intense, to reach deeper fascial and muscular layers, that need attention. The great benefits of this treatment are usually felt after one or two days. In this time the muscles fully recover from intended controlled and desired microtrauma. It is achieved by the strong pressure to re-vascularize and nourish the area, which has gone beyond natural self-repair state. In later stages of deep tissue massage treatment plan the aim is to achieve correct collagen fibres re-arrangement.

If you are new to massage therapy or just not used to very firm pressure, it is advisable for you to let your body get used to it gradually. I would advise you to have at least one or two sports massages and see how your body reacts to it before you venture for deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage at your doorstep in Cardiff centre!

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