Cupping massage therapy

AnnaG massage therapy in Cardiff

Cupping massage in Cardiff is brilliant for strong detox or as a 'painless deep tissue massage treatment' to work on those deeper soft tissue layers effectively.

Cupping massage treatment is done by plastic cups and vacuum pump or glass cups heated by fire swiftly to burn the oxygen and quickly placed on the skin surface to create vacuum. The vacuum created during cupping massage then increases blood and lymph circulation. In this process the vacuum during cupping massage also causes the tiny capillaries to burst and creates round bruises in the shape of the cups used. These bruises appear directly during cupping massage and later darken. This reaction to cupping is normal and the bruises disappear as any other bruise within 7-10 days. It is advisable to drink at least 2litres of water during this time.

Since cupping massage leaves bruises on your skin it is more suitable for winter months. It is NOT recommended before your big day like wedding or graduation for instance.

Cupping massage is fantastic detox and an excellent treatment in between winter/spring as your body' s "spring clean".

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