Aromatherapy massage

AnnaG massage therapy in Cardiff

Aromatherapy massage is very light slow relaxing type of massage. Heavenly aromatherapy massage lets you drop all that built up tension and put you in a deep sleep-like or meditative state.

Aromatherapy massage in Cardiff is done using blends of essential oils mixed in the base oil.

Aromatherapy is ideal if you need to fully remove yourself from everyday havoc and land into blissful tranquillity.

Let yourself sink into your favourite scent designed to bring about peaceful state of mind with aromatherapy massage in Cardiff. Aromatherapy slows down rushing thoughts, breathing rate and heart rate. De-clutter your mind and face the world re-charged with peaceful energy and harmony.

Each essential oil has its distinct healing properties and effects on body and mind. When combined, their positive action heightens even more and gives the sense of pure well-being.

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